Search engines are one of the best tools to use on the Internet to find information. Sometimes, the results of a search can be overwhelming, but if you try some of the strategies and/or websites listed here, you can be successful searching for what you need.

There are three ways to use a search engine:

  1. Begin with a Meta Search Engine for a broad search.
  2. Use a Search Engine for keyword searching.
  3. Finally, use a Subject Directory for its more specialized database.

Meta Search Engines Metacrawler Dogpile

Search Engines
Google Hotbot Lycos
Alta Vista Excite Lycos Zone    

Subject Directories
Yahooligans Yahoo Webcrawler
Librarians Index to the Internet Awesome Library Eduhound

Specialized Search Engines
(search the web through images)
The Gateway 
(search for education resources)
(search reference questions)


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